The protests against the construction of the North Dakota oil pipeline had been going on from early 2016, until February 2017, when President Trump signed a go-ahead for the pipeline without the environmental impact study that was being required by law. President Obama had maintained that the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers carry out the study on potential impacts on the environment, which also requires a latent period for the public to view the results and offer official commentary and opposition. This environmental impact study was fought hard for by the protesters and collective of native tribes, and would have demonstrated the disastrous effects a leak from the pipeline would wreak on the environment. Leaks do occur regularly in other pipelines, from 1986 to 2016 approximately 9000 significant gas pipeline leaks have occurred in the USA (according to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration).

Aside from the obvious immediate effect to an environment by disastrous oil leaks, choosing to expand the fossil fuel economy at a time where we can’t afford to continue degrading our environment is insanity.

Reading the current day blatant propaganda on the enforced exit of the protesters by the authorities makes me want to move to another planet. Trying to put the protesters in a bad light when they’ve been the only logical ones to present opposition to what is legalised ecoterrorism by the Trump government and the pipeline manufacturer Dakota Access.

One headline by the Daily Wire insinuates the rubbish left behind by the protestors was “incredibly nasty” and “despicable”, while other headlines blame the protesters for causing a taxpayer funded cleanup cost of “$1,000,000USD”. It is beyond belief to see this kind of corporate journalism proffering blatant white washing of what is a violation of common law and native title rights. The protestors were also forced off the land by Dakota authorities after a year of being shot with rubber bullets, sprayed with high-pressure water hoses in subzero temperatures, physically assaulted with guard dogs and by the hand of those signed up to serve and protect the very civilians they were using extreme force against. The local tribes have every right to protect their land granted under native title and surrounding lands under the constitution. Instead of being granted a science-based research opportunity for the risks of ecological damage from the pipeline, Trump ensured the protesters were intimidated and forced from their location by the police who are acting on behalf of a corporate entity. Does that seem logical?

We live in a time where scientists have released more and more irrefutable evidence showing that climate change is rapidly accelerating, and also what that means for the safety and health of us as a human race, our food and water supplies etc.

The continual bullshit presented by climate change deniers is just that. Utter tripe and blatant lying with the old boy attitude of “we will come up trumps”, at the expense of the ecology of the lands, waterways and oceans. To continue along the archaic ideology that we will be able to continue using fossil fuels until they run out is ridiculous. We have the science, knowledge and technology to create clean energy for vehicles and industry, not in fifty years, or ten, but now.

It will seemingly take a quantum leap of awareness for parliaments around the world to start dictating to corporations in the fossil fuel industry how they need to taper off their business, in conjunction with a government-led green energy impetus for entrepreneurs to generate these green energy alternatives for the general consumer market.

Standing rock in North Dakota has become a modern example of how corporate America (or any country for that matter) are able to leverage their government contacts and obtain what they want, despite the fact that in doing so numerous laws have been broken not only by the corporation in charge of building the pipeline, but also the Trump government.

If you read the American Constitution properly you will soon realise that any act which endangers the sovereignty and freedom of the people is a contradiction of the founding USA document. It’s also stated that the government must protect the properties of the people, which includes the waterways and lands. This very act of making another gas pipeline, at a time we know is the last for making significant, positive change to our energy needs is just another nail in the coffin of mother earth and us all. If the world governments continue to expand fossil fuel usage there is no hope to prevent further climate change acceleration and the concomitant environmental disasters that will ensue.

In this way, the Trump government is liable for a lawsuit in a class action from a few angles.

1/ the land and waterways around the north Dakota pipeline are endangered by the creation of such a structure that may leak and thereby destroy the ecology of a given land mass, waterway, underground aquifer or otherwise.

2/ in spite of scientific evidence for climate change endangering the lands, properties, and by direct impact upon the livelihoods of Americans the government signed the go ahead for the north Dakota pipeline, which is adding to the accelerated climate change and therefore directly impacting the aforementioned rights of the American people: which is the responsibility of the government to maintain and protect.

3/ the signing of the contract for the North Dakota pipeline by President Trump also breaks numerous laws for the land rights of the native tribes whose lands the pipeline crosses. Firstly the American law is directly connected to the laws of England, and the Pacific Islanders Treaty of 1875 categorically states that all tribes be allowed to practice their traditional ways on sacred land without government intervention or interference in any way.

Since the president of the USA has broken numerous laws of his own country, and the founding fathers, why is there not a lawsuit being arranged to directly subpoena Donald Trump for his personal actions against the American people and the first nations tribes?

Is it too much to hold a government accountable? Especially given they receive so much from the people it is meant to serve.

Surely, given the huge number of lawyers and barristers in the USA, one of them will see it fit to lodge a class action against the President and the current government. One does not have to delve far to see the unlawful nature of this historic travesty of justice, not only from a common law and humanitarian perspective but from a world changing ecological perspective.

Any lawyer in the USA ready to represent logic and reason in the face of adversity and Mr Trump?


Tom Eckersley
World Wellness Worker
Instagram: #stikdudeFitness