Getting the day started in awesome form is essential to form the foundation of a happy and productive day. Like the old adage goes, “early to bed, early to rise, shall make you healthy, wealthy and wise”. Now most of us think of being wealthy in dollars but the essence of that old message to me is recipe for a healthy and actively happy life. Active happy people create their joy via their thoughts and actions. Without the tenets of positive thinking and the positive actions to reinforce that thinking, we will sit in an entropic state of internal disorder that can move in flux between shit and less than shit, or worse. Taking the life you live by the reins is as simple as working with the mind of intention, which means readjusting the view of the mind as a mechanical manufacturer of our life, and changing to one of adaptive flowing consciousness that moves to the areas where we intend and attend to with our present time awareness.

So…. That is a round-about way of saying the conscious critical faculty of the mind in the mechanistic way we have been taught to think and relate to ourselves is not the best way for us to shift our health, happiness or life path.
We generally have three options on a daily basis with all decisions we have, to act, not to act, or avoid the decision of the previous two altogether, which is akin to denial like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand to avoid the stressor. Stressors are there every day to adapt to and work with, rather than the other option of crumbling under the indecision of how to handle the said stressor. The stress that a stressor catalyzes in us releases adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol to make us stronger, quicker and more able to efficiently escape a physical stressor. But when the stressor is not physically in front of us we can become confused with the most optimal way to delete, escape, or modify the stressor through our own action. Such is the nature of a Primal drive that evolved in us to survive physically in our everyday lives.
The main problem with this automated stress response is that it excludes higher cognitive function, much like when we are experiencing anger and other negative emotion, we lose our neurological ability to think in logical and empathic ways. Which is because the stress response has been there for escaping wild animals or raging rivers etc. Also, prolonged internal stress responses can go on far beyond the time of the actual physical or psychological stressor being a threat. This engages longer term release of the stress hormones which in turn deplete the immune function of the body and inadvertently shoots us in the foot, making us more vulnerable to disease and ill health.
So how can we deal with the stress and its internal continuation despite a threat being absent?
Here are some practical tips to lower stress hormones in the body:
1/ meditate, use binaural beats, hypnosis recordings, relaxing music and time out away from everyday tasks. This provides a chill out space for your brain to work at finer wavelengths closer to the optimal alpha wavelength which gives rise to increased creativity and productivity.
2/ spend time in nature and get your feet wet and dirty. The old hippy way of hugging a tree or getting barefoot is literally grounding your biological electromagnetic self with the earth. Also taking time to look at the horizon with your eyes and ears level will rebalanced the relaxed and ready mind-body.
3/ drink plenty of water, eat your greens and get extra B vitamins, essential fatty acids, vitamin C and magnesium to reduce oxidative stress and retain calcium in the body for nerve and muscle function. When we are adrenalised we use up our nutrients at a faster rate, which exacerbate the stress response.
4/ move your body every day through its full range of motion and work at 50-60% effort for 20-40mins. The optimal stress buster is Aerobic exercise carried out for at least twenty minutes, such as walking, gentle cycling, swimming, jogging or any other activity you can maintain at a continuous pace for the allocated time. Stress states often reduce the amount of physical activity in people which further worsens the stress, so get your body moving to feel better and get the body working well.
5/ give yourself a dedicated rest period of at least eight hours per day to allow the nervous system to rest and reboot, along with allowing your cells to repair and renew.
Simple but effective actions to help you get the most out of yourself while improving your well-being simultaneously.
Have fun and keep smiling…. That lowers your stress response too!!